16-21 May 2011 The BornTroWay Creative Workshop kick started on 16 May 2011 at Tolu Complex in Ajegunle (AJ City) with 35 participants, all from AJ City and aged between 14 and 23. The participants were shortlisted through a process of public auditions, which held at Ayota Arts Centre on 26 March and at Comfort Hotel (both locations in Ajegunle) on 27 March 2011. As the ice was broken in the inaugural day, the participants shared enthusiasm and ideas and the days flew very quickly, all starting with a energetic warm-up session coordinated by Segun Adefila (the dance instructor) aimed at inspiring a stronger bond and team spirit. On the 3 rd day the instructors’ team was joined by Wura Samba, a professional percussionist and participants collected waste objects from the garden and the nearby lagoon and learned to make music with them. By the 4 th day the shell of a performance was ready and rehearsals started for the public performance, which held at 1pm on Friday 20 May 2011 at Tolu Complex. Amidst cameras, both motion and still, all eyes were on BornTroWay Participants and their Instructors. In the audience were students from each of the 21 secondary schools in Ajegunle. The public performance was a tale told through the telescope of the rejected eyes in search for inner talents and self-discovery; it was made of beautifully choreographed contemporary dance steps and acrobatics, a well-rehearsed dance drama. The strive for excellence and success through thorns and tongs until finally finding a place in a superficial society that accepts people of humble backgrounds (BornTroWays) only when they are made, as opposed to encouraging them from the start was the highlight of the day. In addition, the greenhouse gas emission ravaging lives around the world was not left out in the performance without been treated. A polluted lagoon whose spirit cries a melancholic song, of sadness for being suffocated by human wastes reacted…. A boat choreographed staged a theatre scene where a fisherman Papa Kenwe returning from his fish farm. He arrived at home to a nagging wife who had thought some games would sold and the rest would be cooked for feeding after a whole day. Listening to her parents rants about the sea and scarcity of fish, Kenwe, enlightened them that fish suffocated in the sea because of the consistent wastes being dumped in the sea on a daily basis. At a point, Kenwe invited her hilarious and ignorant mother to listen to the wailing of the lagoon, it was then Mama Kenwe pluck the fruit of her daughter’s wisdom. We are the cause of our own sorrows, Papa Kenwe and Mama realized. Large part of the performance’s lines were rendered in Pidgin English because it’s the language commonly spoken by the people of Ajegunle. The public performance was followed by a series of 9 performances by the musicians and dancers in the BornTroWay group. The performance was followed by individual music and dance acts like Music: Cent Lorry by Daniel Ekechi, Iniy Klassyk / Omo Eko by Paul James, Champaign by Ottah Charles, J-boy by Papa Essien, Skool Prince by Williams Obuhoro; Henry/Nnambi/Philip rapping on the instrumental by Da Grin’s Pom Pom; and 2Tek Odey who performed his own (unreleased) songs. Dance: Cool Sheppers (Wisdom. Ifeanyi, Emmanuel, Joseph, Liberty, David, Victor) performed to the sond Timaya (who born the maga); King Brown in a solo dance on a song by P-Square (break it). The workshop ended with a picnic on the beach at Tarkwa Bay on Saturday 21 st May 2011.
Ajegunle, Lagos (Nigeria)
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