15-19 April 2013 The 6 th edition of BornTroWay took place in Obalende, SW Ikoyi in Lagos in collaboration with the Eti-Osa Youth Development Initiative. The audition process, which held at Girls Modern Academy on Manuwa Street (off Keffird),led to the selection of 35 young individuals mostly aged 15- 25. However, peculiar to Obalende, several older candidates in their early thirties and a few very young ones expressed strong interest in auditioning for the program and the organizers decided to welcome this local specificity. The training took place at Girls Modern Academy from 15 to 19 April. On day 1 the participants got to know each other and began to realize how many stories they have to tell and learn a few music, spoken words and dance tools to express them. On day 2, the BornTroWayObalende team displayed greater self-confidence as they created their dance, poetry, song and acting pieces. On day 3, after the physical warm-up exercise, friend of BornTroWay and artiste AboloreSobayo gave a master class in tie & dye through which participants created the t-shirts that would become their uniform in the final day’s public performance. The training day continued with the creative pieces beginning to take shape although the participants still displayed challenges with concentration and voice projections. The instructors assisted participants to merge together their pieces and prepare the ground for an all-day rehearsal the following day.Day 4 was a long sweaty one, spent weaving together all the creative pieces from the previous three days and rehearsing together. Participants learned the value of inclusion, concentration and team collaboration. On day 5, after the general rehearsal in the morning, the team headed to the heart of Obalende where they street-staged a great public performance, an amazing testimony of the value of team effort and consistent hard work. The BornTroWayObalende team kept their neighbourhood entertained for over 30 minutes in a show that was funny, engaging and well coordinated. The public was made of market traders and buyers, school children heading back home and passers-by. Obalende-hailing multi-award winner and superstar General Pype graced the occasion displaying a heart-warming visible pride and encouragement for the young participants that achieved so much in so little time by putting in their very best. The day closed with the granting of certificates to those who completed the training with a resounding success. Thank you Obalende for a wonderful experience!
Obalende, Lagos (Nigeria)
BornTroWay 2016