Auditions: 3 to 10 Aug 2012 Workshop: 13 to 18 Aug 2012 The Borntroway Creative Arts Project, Oshodi Chapter kicked-off with auditions, which took place at Owoseni primary school, Oshodi on August 10 2012 with lots of laughter, fun and excitement. There was a large turn-out of young hopefuls from within the Oshodi community and even outside Oshodi, one candidate came all the way from Sango-Otta! Candidates were auditioned for their skills in dance, singing, acting and song writing. While many of the candidates thought that they were going to be auditioned on the particular talent they registered for, they were surprised when they were told to audition for all the skills. Some of them took in their strides and others just could not figure out how to blend dancing, singing and acting. The workshop started on August 13 2012 at Methodist nursery and primary school, Oshodi. BornTroway instructors, Ade Bantu, Segun Adefila, Daga Tollar and Ropo Ewenla were once again at the helms of affairs as far as facilitating the workshops went. The key words on Day 1, were waste and concentration. After the morning warm up exercises led by Segun Adefila, participants were broken into three classes namely dance, acting, songwriting/spoken word.In each of the classes the instructors used techniques specific to each art, invited participants to look at waste in a different light as a source of birth, creation and inspiration. The things that are considered waste by one person might represent opportunities and resources for another person. Participants spent Day 2 of the Borntroway Oshodi, August 14 2012 bonding as a group and creating material together. Based on what they had been taught on Day 1, they were guided by the instructors in writing, scripting and choreographing new material that would be used in the public performance on Friday, August 17. Day 3 of BornTroway Oshodi, August 15 2012, started on a high note with a surprise training session when Honourable Abolore Sobayo, Leader Oshodi Local Government Council, got down and dirty to teach the participants tie and dye. Sobayo who is a trained fashion designer and painter, showed the participants the steps involved. The participants designed and made their own tie and dye shirts with excitement and pleasure. The results were spectacular. Day 4 was a long and hectic day of rehearsals and preparation for the public performances. The participants alongside the instructors, used all they had learnt about song writing, scriptwriting, acting and dance to fine-tune and edit the various dance routines, songs, raps and drama skits into a single seamless 25-minute performance. Day 5 was an exciting wrap-up of the entire week. Friends and family of the participants came to lend their support and to see all that they had learnt as they performed at Methodist primary school and Cairo market Oshodi. The show was attended by music artiste and director Baba Dee aka Dare Fasasi. Borntroway Alumni from Ajegunle were in attendance as were members of Segun Adefila’s Crown Troupe. While they performed to a small audience at the Methodist primary school, the crowd that watched the performance at Cairo market Oshodi was unprecedented. With the loud raucous chaos that is typical of any Lagos market competing for attention with their audience, the participants had to overcome some initial nerves and give a spectacular performance! On August 18 th , a day after the week-long Borntroway Oshodi workshop, the participants were taken on a surprise visit to Ultima studios in Lekki, venue for the recording of the music reality show, MTN project fame.
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