Bariga, Lagos (Nigeria)
DAY ONE: what does Bariga mean to you? The participants were asked the question of the day; “what does Bariga mean to you?” and their responses leaned heavily on youth restiveness and anti-social vices “Bariga is a rough community, a place for the brave but can be very interesting if you stay focused says Shoneye Maria. AregbesolaHabibat said “Bariga is a place full of interesting activities, where the youths are pregnant with vision but their talents are very much underrated”. However, some like the inspired Joshua Garba remain hopeful,“ Bariga is a local town in a big city that has life in it…but to me, it’s a wonderful world because in spite of the bad, good can come out of it” DAY TWO: “WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ABOUT BARIGA?” The bulk of their response leaned heavy on the issue of waste and absence of social amenities while others would like to see more roads rehabilitated. “I do not like that fact that touts are plenty…I want to change that” says OdutayoFunmilayo and BabatundeGoodluck would like to see a community theatre built. However, Shoneye Maria says “I want to stop people from bribing the police and KAI officials because it undermines security and puts the people at risk” DAY THREE: “what would you do (as an individual) to change Bariga?” Oku-Ola Paul’s response was “I will first change myself and then people around me”, Johnson was to preach the gospel of peace with his art and Joshua Garba says “I am making myself a symbol of change” DAY FOUR: “where do you see yourself in 10 years 80% of the participants said they would be in America or Europe but Habibat says ‘she would be a lawyer and probably an economist’, BabatundeGoodluck expects to still be in the university and Queen wants to help homeless children.
BornTroWay 2016