Bariga 2, Lagos (Nigeria)
DAY 1: What is Borntroway to you? When you have something that the public considers useless but then find out that that thing is more important and valuable than they think The combination of different talented youths to achieve one goal A platform for young people to show their talents An act that help parents see the potentials and support their young ones for their drive in different arts DAY2: How do you think education can be made more interesting for young people? By providing seasoned and qualified teachers and quality apparatus for teaching and learning Adventurous extracurricular activities should be put in place to help us to be active If most of the teachings were experienced, assimilation is easy and fast Most young people have issues in education because of finance. Sometimes students are sent home because they can't pay their fees. So education can be interesting if capable hands in the society can support it for those who cannot afford it. Access to a good use of technology If there are healthy competitions among students. An avenue should be created to involve students in competitions locally and internationally DAY 3: Drug abuse and prostitution is at a very high rate among youths in Nigeria. How do you think you can use art to reduce or stop these acts? THROUGH ACTING/DRAMA: When a group of people protest against unemployment because most of the youths do get involved in drug abuse and prostitution to get money or as a means of survival because they are employed. We could use our arts by going to schools and talking to young kids and convincing them to join art protests ' Catch them young'. A people say they should be educated enough about the vices in the society and know how best to put it into dramas without it being too intense. Creating awareness is a means of terminating bad vices. A stage play is a medium of awareness. Our musicians should sing songs that will inspire our youths to make the right decisions about their lives. If that should happen, we will be training our youths to become leaders of tomorrow. The youths must be more enlightened on all the dangers of using drugs and prostitution. And with my poetic knowledge, I can help raise awareness on this youthful danger. DAY 4: What do you understand by "MY NIGERIA, MY TOMORROW” Nigeria is our responsibility as young people, what we do today or what seeds we sow today will determine how Nigeria will be tomorrow. It’s talking of how Nigeria is today and how we want it tomorrow because there is no tomorrow without today, or without us. My Nigeria, My tomorrow is achieving my dreams of my future in my country and make it a developed country. What I understand by My Nigeria, My Tomorrow is my future and the future of Nigeria. It is also where Nigeria is going to be in the world of today in terms of technology and all. I understand that being a Nigerian is not a mistake. In spite of our different tribes, occupation and religion, we lead and create our future.
BornTroWay 2016