Durban (South Africa)
QUESTIONS OF THE DAY DAY 1 What does WATER mean to you? Siyabongao No Shebi : “it means only biodiversity, the interconnection of on earth.” Tatum Holder : “water is not just a drink it joins lives together and brings life and colour into the world.” Buyisiwe Xulu : “what is a source of life, it’s essential to all organisms.” Sheldon Van Wyk : “water is the flow of life and the healing of the spirit.” Mpumelelo Mchunu : “water is a source or facility that I cannot live without, it is very much useful.” Branden Stoltz : “it’s something I cannot live without and do not want to waste.” Nompilo Mkhize : “flowing water means freedom and a great possibility for whatever you want to do.” DAY 2 How much WATER do you drink in a day? Tatum Holder : “I drink at least 3-4 500ml glasses of water every day.” Majola Mduduzi : “I’m not sure but it’s more than a litre. On the average, I drink more than eight glasses per day.” Naobile Mdima : “Approximately two glasses of water per day.” Lungile Ntuli : “I drink about 5-6 glasses of water every day.” Nkululeko Nluthwa : “I drink 25 litres a day in order to stay healthy. DAY 3 What effect does WASTE have on your environment? Sarah McQuilliam : “Since waste is not appealing to the eye, when people dump their waste and don’t dispose of it properly, it ruins the once beautiful land. Also, this waste kills, plants, animals and people lose their lives daily because of pollution.” Thobani Seme: “It kills animals, spreads diseases, it is poverty and it makes a place untidy.” Tatum Holder: “Water causes serious diseases and the animals drink it which choke and kill them.” Nompilo Mkhize: “Waste not only makes our environment look filthy, it also pollutes and contaminates the air we breathe and the water we drink.” How can WATER unite us? Tatum Holder: “Water is not just a liquid…it’s a need and something we have to survive on, so together it brings us a common goal to save and reserve it.” Nompilo Mkhize: “We can all work together and not waste water and keep it cleaner.” Phumzile Mkhabela: “By fighting against people that pollute land, water. Also, be part of a group of people that strives to save the earth.” Ndumigo Ngubane: “By keeping it clean and safe for drinking.” Nqobile Njapha : “I bath twice a day – when I wake up and before I go to bed.” Tatum Holder : “I shower at night before I go to bed.” Buyisiwe Pretty Xulu : “I often take bath two times a day.” Sheldon Van Wyk : “I either take a bath or shower depending on the weather but I usually have it two times a day.” Sarah McQuilliam : “I shower once a day, I hardly ever bath.” Ndokuhle Mabizela : “I usually bath three times a day.” Shantze de Waal : “I shower once a day.” DAY 4 How do you dispose your household WASTE? Tatum Holder : “we put all our plastics and glasses, cardboards and papers into the recycling bags then Durban Solid Waste (DSW) collects it and takes it to the dumps and recycling factories.” Mpumelelo Mchunu : “we put it in DSW (Durban Solid Waste) black plastics and DSW employees come and pick it up from the community but if they do not come, we throw it in the dump.” Sanelisiwe Ngeobo : “we burn our waste in my house and this is not good for the environment because of the air pollution.” Ndumiso Ngubame: “we burn the waste paper, plastic and other waste that may rot. We dig a hole to make composition for plants but burning paper is good because as well because it produces CO 2 .” DAY 5 WASTE: What do you think about COP 17? Majola Mduduzi : “I think it’s a great organisation teaming up to save the world and fighting against global warming.” Shatze de Waal : “I believe that their intentions are good and I hope that they are still around for me to join for there is no greater cause than this.” Ndumigo Ngubane : “I think COP 17, is about changing of climate and what we must do to avoid climate change.” Cayley Clifford : “I did not know about COP 17 conferences until we hosted one in our country.” Naobile Mdima : “COP 17 is an organisation which assists in educating people globally about the importance of saving water.” Lungile Ntuli : “I think COP 17 is an organisation that brings awareness to people about the drastic changes of the weather which are practically led by their actions.”
BornTroWay 2016