Lagos (Nigeria)
DAY 1 How does water affect your life? Aliu Jemilatu (17) We depend on water for life; without water we can’t live, our body needs it. Akaedu Nnamdi (19) Beautification (e.g., water fountains). Helps in manufacturing products. Ochu Peter (15) Water makes my environment cool, which is conducive for me to be a good poet. Finally, water helps the green plants I eat on a daily basis grow and keep my fishes and livestock alive. David George (19) It is a source of life …. Water helps us to live. Papa Essien (20) Makes me feel fine… .Water gives me energy and makes me strong. Ottah Charles (21) If you leave in a swampy area as I do you will understand the discomfort that still waters cause to our lives. Obuhoro Williams (20) Water gives me energy …it makes me happy when I use it to bath. Ese Augustina (23) It affects my life by making me feel the natural gift of God…water has never been done without and will never be done without. Tontonye Benemo (19) In our environment many of us lack water. Alilu Faith (14) It helps for cleaning the surroundings Nwanenu Augustina (16) Water can be part of waste product that is toxic….Helps in the survival of animals that live in water, like reptiles, fishes. Young Grace (20) Water is life, without it nothing can be done. Nejo Sarah (15) Excess of water makes one uncomfortable although we need water. It makes your body uncomfortable in terms of body posture. Adekanbi Olabisi (17) Water is a means of transportation to my home, without water I wont be able to transport home….Without water I will put on dirty cloths and look dirty all days …without water am dead. Usman Usena (17) It helps to pass out urine….Water is very important because it refreshes our body (even doctors can testify). Bolawa Victoria (16) Water helps in passing out excrete without stress…. Water is used in making business, i.e., some people sell water. Bakare Isilamiyat (17) Quench thirst. Umar Mariam (17) It helps you recover from tiredness and strengthens you…. It helps you grow healthy and strong…. It builds the body tissue. Agbawzo Francisca (17) Too much water leads to frequent urination…. It regulates body temperature…. No water, no life! Olakawomi Aluko (27) I use water to sustain myself. Water means so much to me. Like after eating water gives me strength to dance, to sing. Abu Philip (20) It reduces the turgidity of the skin…It protects the cells to function better. 2Tec Odey (29) Water is a thirst quencher…. Without water we cannot wash our clothes, dishes and lattrines. Victor Ayodele (17) Water helps us to reduce stretch marks on our skin thereby enhancing our skin elasticity…. Water is the habitat for fish cos if there is no water there will be no fish for man and there will be less job opportunities. God’spower Emmanuel (18) Water affect your life especially when it is contaminated. Brown Kings (17) Water gives life. Tijani Babatunde Tirimisiyu (16) Water is a free gift of nature, nobody owns it and water is something you cant run away from, neither make enemy with it. Water is our life, without it nobody will be alive, God also knows that without water we can live so He created water before creating human beings. Ojojo Olaoluwa (19) Without water I cant live. Emmanuel Ikhumhi (21) Water is the best thing God created … without water my people will be dying everyday… they say without water there is no hope. Nwabia Judith (15) It helps you recover from a stressful exercise. Ibe Michel Izuchukwu (17) It keeps me going when I am tired and thirsty. It washes away all the dirts in my body and excretes it as urine and sweat. When I am eating and the food hangs in my throat, some water helps the food to go down in my stomach. When I feel hot and I take some cold water it makes my body temperature to be low and I will be comfortable. Ekechi Daniel (20) Water provides me with every required livestock. Water is a free gift of nature that helps cool the atmosphere for the comfort of humans. Water is indispensible substance that quenches taste and tension. Ifinedo Israel (18) It energizes the body…. It cools the brain. Chukwuma Ogochukwu Grace (16) Helps the circulatory system. Helps in making our waste products soft so as to pass out easily. Elechi Blessing (16) It enhances a good transfusion of blood into the various parts of our body. Water helps us to remove our waste products. Egrundje Henry (18) It keeps someone alive. Without water I am nothing because I use water a lot e.g. washing clothes, taking my bath and I use it to wash brush the teeth too. Muhammed Fatimah (18) It makes our body feel well. DAY 2 Can waste be beautiful or useful? Godspower Emmanuel What one calls waste, somebody else may find interesting or useful. You can make a toy car out of Eva water bottles. Papa Essien Water bottles could be taken to where they are manufactured and be recycled into new ones. Victor Ayodele (17) Everything in life has a cycle span, any waste could become useful, e.g., bottles that are thrown away can be used by others as juice containers. Obuhoro Williams (20) Your excrete materials are waste to you but useful to farmers. Industrial waste can be useful to scientists. Muhammed Fatimoh (18) When you throw away a pen sometimes it could be useful to another person for some creation. Agbanzo Francisca (17) A person with talent (wasted) but no financial means can be found beautiful when discovered by someone who sees the beauty inside. Ese Augustina Tessy (23) Waste can be beautiful when it’s turn into something of value. It could be useful when picked and kept until the day it becomes useful. Adekanbi Olabisi (17) Writing paper can be recycled into toilet paper. A piece of material thrown away by a tailor could use as dusting cloth (for chalk boards) in schools. Chukwumah Ogochukwu (16) In terms of humans, dead people buried in the ground fertilizes the soil. In terms of material things, pure water or nylon could be beautiful when recycled. David George Pure water satchets and bottles thrown away can be picked and returned to manufacturers to recycle. Ifeanyi Achukwu People use rusted iron or metals to produce things like rings, earings or to level the foundations of a building. Augustina Nwanevu (16) Timber waste can be used to make furniture; waste from flower w can be used as ornament and decoration. Alilu Faith (14) Tyre can be used for shoe heels; glittery aluminium can be made into jewellery; flowers can decorate houses or banks. Ottah Charles (21) Animal excrements are used to feed the soil for the crops we eat. Bakare Isilamiyat (17) An old book is still useful for its content. Grass is not waste as it feeds animals; old slip-on can still be used. Animal bones can be used to make breakable plates. Young Grace Edoje (20) Some wasted material picked on the street can be turned into something useful or beautiful. Ochu Peter (15) Waste can be useful or not depending on the type. I don’t believe anything is permanent. We often call things a waste if we don’t understand their usefulness. Henry Egrundje (18) Tyres can be used as decorations. Some waste can be used as fish feed. Kings Brown Excrements in water feed fish. Water bottles can be reused Bolawa Victoria (16) Used tins can be used to measure food like garri, rice or beans in the market. The ashes from the wood or charcoal can serve as cleaning agent for pots and kettles. Aliu Jemilatu (17) Waste metals can be reused; steel iron can be turned into plates and cups. Usman Usena (17) Some people in AJ have got talent to do things but due to circumstances they find nobody to encourage them to develop, so that talent gets wasted. James Paul (18) Man was brought out of dust (waste) and at the end of the day he returns to dust (waste). Elechi Blessing (16) Waste can be useful but not beautiful. Not all that is thrown away is waste as it can be of use to someone else. Nwabia Judith (15) Cow dung can be used for manure. Human excreta can become as fish food when thrown in water. Kitchen waste can be used as compost for plants. A person who is not conscious of his potential can be used in carrying out menial jobs. Ibe izuchukwu Michael (17) Waste can be recycled into another product. Nylon can be used to make other products. People can become useful when trained and educated. Onyeson Wisdom What you don’t like, others might love or find useful. Emmanuel Ikhumhi The mobile phone you dispose of can be picked, repaired and used by someone else. Tijani Titimiyu (16) Used plastic bottles can be cut in half and used as funnels. Umar Mariam (17) Seeds of fruit eaten and thrown on the ground can grow into new plants. Tontonye Benemo (19) What you see as waste today can be useful tomorrow. Old shoes can be repaired and used again. A matchbox can be used to store smaller objects. Philip Abu (20) Your old dress can be beautiful to somebody else. Ifinedo Israel (18) Shit is used for manure. Tyres are used for sandals. A person turns into anything he wants with confidence and vision Nejo Sarah (15) Not all waste are beautiful and at the same time not all waste are useful. DAY 3 What’s “BornTroWay” to you? Nejo Sarah (15) It is anything a owner finds useless/not needed in his environment or anything people see or call waste - a person or society that is not financially well. Elechi Blessing (16) It is something that has been wasted and thrown away without knowing that it could be transformed and renovated into something beautiful and useful. Onyesoh Wisdom Borntroway is somebody abandoned, helpless and neglected for years and in that process he starts hawking. I am not a borntroway. Ibe Michael Izuchukwu (17) It means things that someone considered useless, like nylon, human being, plastic, iron, etc. But all these borntroway which are considered useless by the formal owner could become useful either through training (human being) or by recycling (plastic, nylon, iron, etc) Agbanzo Francisca (17) In the ordinary sense borntroway is a wasted child. To me borntroway is just a wasted talent. Bolawa Victoria Borntroway is somebody that is neglected and abandoned to do anything on his own. He/she is creative but unfortunately regarded as waste by the community but he/she can become great along the line. Ojojo Olaoluwa (19) To my understanding borntroway is an act whereby innocent infants/children are abandoned after birth by their “not ready to be” parents. Ese Augustina Tessy (23) It is something that is not useful, a trash, a waste product. It could be something that has been abandoned; or something that has no value or someone that doesn’t value himself. Borntroway is something negative, not pleasant. Adekanbi Olabisi (17) What comes to my mind are unwanted babies, the helpless ones, the uneducated people, wasted talents. Kings Brown (17) It simply means something that is not useful and is a waste. But this is not right because for example you have great talent in you but you don’t know how to bring it out for people to see, or you don’t have who to assist you so then you throw it away. Do not do that! Still keep trying, you don’t know when God will send his helper to come and assist you, maybe from that you become a better person in future. I know that nothing is a waste because we are born-to-stay. James Paul (18) Borntroway is a person who has got no mission and vision in life. Something created for no purpose is borntroway. We all have a birthday (which defines the living from the non-living). BornTroway = paralyzed future Ifinedo Israel (18) When people give birth to an unwanted child and throw him/her away but a good samaritha passes by and picks him/her. Later in future he/she grows to be a better person and when telling their story to friends they are still respected Umar Mariam (17) When you think something is not useful but it has a value in itself. Undistinguished career. Underprivileged sections of the community. Not recognising how good, important something or somebody really is and could be. Egrudje Henry (18) Those who are homeless like for example area boys Bakare Isilamiyat (17) Persons engaged in prostitution. Worthless persons, e.g., thieves, criminals, 419, agbero (money extortion). Muhammed Fatimoh (18) An abandoned child because of financial problems Usman Usena (17) Borntroway is what we regard as useless but if we look closely is not useless. Imagine a mother gives birth to a child and abandon the child; it is not because she doesn’t like or want the child but it is due to poverty. Ottah Charles (21) It can be defined as a paralyzed future for both living and non-living things. Someone who has no future ambitions is borntroway Chukwumah Ogochukwu (16) Borntroway may be seen as a situation whereby one is ignorant of an innate talent he/she has, which makes that talent wasted and leads to borntroway. It could also be seen as an abandoned child, without a home, without love and with fear for whom he/she could run to for help. Obuhoro Williams (20) Na pikin wey him mama abandone or give birth to com tro am away. Ochu Peter (15) A borntroway is a bastard and a bastard is someone who does not have a father, a background, a history. It is also an object to buy and throw away. Akaedu Nnamdi (19) Someone or something that people regard as useless, that cannot make an impact in the society but if you look at it in a different way, a borntroway could be transform into something useful and productive. Nwanevu Augustina (16) Someone that has talent but no help because of the environment and family background he cannot cope with that. Someone that has talent but left it aside due to illiteracy, and ignorance. Alilu Faith (14) It means to put something in a particular place quickly and carelessly. Philip Abu (20) Someone full of ideas and concepts yet unable to use them due to lack of capital to realize business ideas. 2Tek (29) Personally I view this as someone who is hopeless; it could be view as someone that has been neglected in the society. It also means a person who is unfruitful, that cannot produce anything. Tijani Babatunde Yirimisiyu (16) Borntroway is wasting something that is supposed to be useful, e.g. a lady that gives birth to a boy but she wants a girl child so she throws the baby boy away. James Ogeh (19) Borntroway is a person who lost his/her parents and begins to live a useless life. It is someone that is a bastard and does not have anywhere to go. It is a person who disobeys his parents and leaves the house to join bad boys who lead him to criminal acts. Young Grace (20) Borntroway is not recognizing how important somebody is, be it a family, a friend that is not concerned about ones success. Aliu Jemilatu (17) Borntroway is something that is not useful and thrown away but that somebody else picks and makes for a reuse. Godspower Emmanuel (18) For me there is no borntroway. There is no waste product that is borntroway because someone can find it useful. A hidden talent could be borntroway when there is no platform to exhibit it. Emmanuel Ikhumhi The only way you could become borntroway is when you do not fulfill the purpose that the Lord has sent you to live for. Ekechi Daniel (20) Borntroway is a neglected and abandoned child, dead dreams or talents that one fails to discover. Nwabia Judith (15) I think of waste in terms of talents inside of you and end up dying without discovering/utilizing them; to me that is a borntroway. Ifeanyi Achukwu (18) Something that has no meaning or a person that does not have any hope or his aspiration is frustrated. Victor Ayodele (17) Anything that is called borntroway (a waste) I see them as useful because they could be recycled; and as humans we are all created with talents. DAY 4 How you go fit bring change in your community or your environment? Ibe Michael Izuchukwu (17) I can help my society by advising those who are going astray; by respecting the rules and regulations; and by educating others on the benefit of respecting the rules of the community. Chukwumah Grace Ogochukwu (16) Change of orientation; good morals and ensure others see and follow good morals too. I will also ensure that peace and unity are kept. Young Grace Edoje We can change our environment by keeping it clean, because when we keep it clean we are doing ourselves good. Adekanbi Olabisi (17) We can impact our environment, our society through cooperation, thinking and working together as a team and we can achieve this by being educated and being able to read and write. Then we will know our right from our wrong, also, accountable to people around us. 2Tek Odey (29) People can change their environment by creating job opportunities, like having more market stores so that people can afford to buy food. Victoria Bolawa I can impact lives through my character. I can impact people through my songs, motivating them in a positive way. James Ogeh We can add value to our society by encouraging people in their talent and skills; helping them change their mindset in the right direction. Elechi Blssing (16) We can impact our environment positively by transforming our waste and then show to the world what we have got from what they call waste. Agbanzo Francisca (17) I can impact my society positively by making everybody around me feel important and comfortable; also by having respect for everybody’s differences and culture. And working together in love, harmony and unity to create and share ideas with people around me. I can impact my society by not thinking of others as less intellectual. Ese Augustina Tessy (23) By loving and accepting everyone, not looking at anyone as a lesser being than the other; by giving every person an opportunity to be useful and important. Muhammed Fatimoh (18) We can change our society by cleaning our environment and by not throwing away some things that one day could become useful. Umar Mariam (17) Your character and behaviour. The words of your mouth; your speech in a honest manner. Help people focus on the advantages, and not the disadvantages, of things and situations. Develop young people’s ability to recognise and understand their feelings. James Paul (18) Help people be aware and beware of procrastination and laziness. Create a reason for people to see education as a tool and not a burden Ottah Charles (21) By singing good music that inspires people; by laying good foundations for my future; by being a different person; by making changes in the society. Ifinedo Israel (18) By giving the youths free scholarships; by leading them to understand and actualize their vision; by opening a school that prepares them for their future in sciences or arts. Obuhoro Williams (20) By giving them good medical treatments and antivirals; by giving them good libraries. Nwabia Judith (15) I am already impacting positively in my society through public speaking and being a member of an NGO that creates positive impact in and out of my society. But there can never be too much impact. So another way in which I can make positively impact my society is by enlightening people around me on the hazards/repercussions of BORNTROWAY. Bakare Isilamiyat (17) Make my home a positive environment; help people reorient their mindset and make them believe the word “I CAN”. Ekechi Daniel (20) You can impact your society positively by being useful to yourself; see your society’s problems as yours; have the welfare of your people in mind. Godspower Emmanuel We can change our environment and society by: bringing out our talent; not looking at others as borntroway but helping them see their hidden talent and bringing it out; showing love. Kings Brown (17) If I were a Governor I would build a good road, a good bridge and clean the environment for the society to live well. Ikhumhi Emmanuel By letting the people around my environment know that they are not a waste, they have talent and should build on it Alilu Faith (14) Advising people in my community that they have talents and should stop seeing themselves as failure but start seeing themselves as successful people. Henry Egrudje (18) By doing the right things at the right times; by motivating people; by creating a better maintenance culture. Akaedu Nnamdi (19) By working hard and becoming a great person that others will see and emulate. Achukwu Ifeanyi (18) By creating something new; by employing somebody to clean the environment morning and evening. Diaiso Liberty By making everybody around me feel important, by having respect for others. Tijani babatunde Tirimisiyu (16) By contributing in every area and giving ideas on how to move the society and the environement forward. Tontonye Benewo (19) We can impact our environment with our talent (eg dance, singing); we should not treat a hawker or a beggar like borntroway; we should teach our society with love and courage. We can impact our society by telling people that we are not a waste, e.g by doing what they think we cant do. We should put away fear and ignorance from ourself and our community. Papa Essien By respecting and enforcing the law. By establishing industries for music and film because they unite people. Also social amenities, like pipe-borne water, maternity health, etc. improve people lives. DAY 5 Who will you be in 10 years? Aliu Jemilatu (17) By the grace of God I believe that in the next 5 years I would have graduated from the university. Then I would start my music career because I know I could make it as a musician and by the 6th year I would have become a superstar. In 10 years I would have become a world music star of my dream. Francisca Agbanzo (17) In 10 years time I would have finished climbing my ladder towards achieving my dreams. Is either I become a banker and a movie star or I solely become a movie star. Peter Ogeh (15) I want to be a great person, a motivator, a person who commands respect just like you guys – the instructors. Victoria Bolawa In the next 10 years I would have become a playwright and a popular novelist – writer. Tessy Augustina Ese (23) I see myself as a leader and an achiever Olabisi Akekanbi (17) I want to become a chartered accountant, with my 1st degree and my ICAN certificate, happily married with 4 children and go for acting to become a superstar in future, 10 years to come! Wisdom Onyeson I must have finished my studies. I would be a superstar in the music and dance sub-sectors of the creative industry. I would have assets in Lagos and other parts of the country. I would be a mentor, an icon and a role model to people. All eyes would see that I am not a borntroway. Emmanuel Ikumhi I see myself going forward and becoming something in life because this project BornTroWay - has inspired me and I know that I would become great in the future. Michael Izuchukwu Ibe (17) I would be a great movie and music star and a PhD holder in Marketing. Williams Obuhoro (20) I would be a legend. I would make people around me happy. I would be a great man that people will know all over the world. Usena Usman (17) I want to become a lawyer and a professional actress. Daniel Ekechi (20) I want to become the voice of my people, I want to become the pillar of transformation in the ghetto. God’SPower Emmanuel (18) I want to become a dancer and an actor. I want to my success to be like drops of rain from the sky and become an ocean in ten years. I know that with God on my side, and with my faith and courage, I would become what people don’t think I could become, with my hidden talent. BornTroway Project had an impact on me and this would prompt my projections in the next ten years. Marian Usman (17) In the next ten years I am already an Accountant. After my studies, I believe that in the next 10 years I could become an actress who performs on stage, on television and in films. Judith Nwabia (15) In ten years from now I see myself as someone who would have gone a long way in actualizing her dreams, someone whose talents would impact positively throughout the world. And I would not make the mistake of forgetting my root when I get to the top. Kings Brown (17) Ten years from now, I would like to be a musician who could dance. Young Grace Edoje (20) I would become a mega star, a talented artist and I would show to the world the wonderful talent God has given to me. James Ogeh In ten years I would become a good and popular musician Tontonye Benemo (19) From what I learned during the course of this project (singing, dancing, acting, poetry), I would make use of my talent from now because I would like to become a movie star and tell everybody that I am not borntroway. Nnamdi Akaedu (19) Ten year from now, I would like to become a music artist, music producer and CEO of a record label Tijani Babatunde Tirimisiyu (16) I would like to achieve my goals, if possible all of them, and get to achieve my mission in life. Henry Egrudje (18) In ten years from now I see myself as a superstar, I see myself as a changed person completely, I see myself at the top of the world. Blessing Elechi (16) In ten years time I would become a great musician and I would make the world understand that I am born to stay, not borntroway. Olaoluwoh Ojojo (19) Become an artist. Papa Essien (20) I want to become a popular artist - a singer. I also want to become a comedian in the next 10 years. Philip Abu Doctor Charles Ottah (21) At the top of the world as an artist – musician. Paul James (18) I would be the youngest musical legend in Africa. Bakare Isilamyat (17) I want to become a mass communicator and a theater arts personality. I want to be at the top of the world with positive mindset - with focus, determination, discipline, observation and creativity. Grace Chukwumah Ogochukwu (16) The most popular and well paid artist in Africa. Fatimoh Muhammed (18) In ten years time I want to become an artist, a lawyer, a millionaire, a popular person in the whole world. Faith Alilu (14) I want to become a lawyer by profession and a professional artist. Ifeanyi Achukwu (18) In the next ten years I would become a legend and a superstar and people would know me all around the world. Augustina Nwanevu (16) I would like to be a professional marketing manager Sarah Nejo (15) I would become a successful actress and at the same time a Barrister. DAY 6 “What is the most important thing that you learned in the Workshop?” David George (19) To concentrate and be focused, respectful of others and to listen carefully Tessy Augustina Ese (23) To always be creative and no matter what I should make my book my friend. Umar Mariam Asmau (17) If you don’t work hard you cannot achieve perfection Augustina Nwanevu (16) I learned that borntroway is someone that has an unused or abandoned talent. Young Grace Edoja (20) The MIND MAP Adekanbi Olabisi Ayomide (17) How to compose myself and become a teacher to other people around me. Chukwumah Ogochukwu Grace (16) Teamwork and cooperation and also being focused. Ikhumhi Emmanuel (21) I learned many things, like borntroway and I also learned how to sing Nwabia Judith (15) Concentration Neyo Sarah (15) To cooperate and adapt to situation. Kings Brown (17) To work as a team, to cooperate with others and to be concentrated Usman Usena (17) Writing poems and acting Ekechi Daniel (20) The most important thing I learnt is the possibility of trying something Akaedu Nnamdi (19) How to be focused, believe in myself and use my talent to impact people in my society. Alilu Faith (14) I learned that borntroway is when a person gets rid of something carelessly. Diaso Liberty (19) To be respectful. And now I have a better idea of dancing and acting. Philip Abu (20) How to use the word map. Achukwu Ifeanyi (18) The dance Muhammed Fatimoh (18) I learned to be active, serious, friendly and concentrated. Bolawa Bosede Victoria (16) I learned so many things but the most important is respect for one another, self-discipline and cooperation as a team. Tijani Babatunde Tirimisiyu (16) How to face the audience and also the way I can manage the space on stage. Elechi Blessing (16) I have discovered where my talent lies. Tontonye Benemo (19) Now I know how to use a stage for performance. Bakare Isilamiyat (17) The unity among our coordinators; and when we as the participants messed up, they wouldn’t get angry but teach us the very important value of discipline, focus and honesty. James Ogeh (19) How to be focused in life and be a serious person. Egrudje Henry (18) I learned a lot, like concentrating and trust, with discipline. Peter Ochu (15) I learned what I can do from the workshop. Also, I realized that I am not what others think or call me Ottah Charles (21) How to write a poem/music and how to manage the stage. James Paul (18) Never work alone, no man is an island. Williams Obuhoro (20) I learned everything I could from the three classes – dance, drama, spoken word/music Aliu Jemilatu (17) If you know what you can do, please show your talent and work to achieve your dreams. Onyeson Wisdom (18) I learned the most in dancing and music Israel Ifinedo (18) The important class to me is the dance because I want to be a dancer. Agbanzo Francisca (17) To have respect for people and work together as a team Victor Ayodele (17) To work as a team and that the most important thing in a team is to put your teammates first before yourself, by so doing you’ve got their back. God’sPower Emmanuel (18) To be focused in whatever I do.
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