Ajegunle, Lagos (Nigeria)
DAY 1 How does water affect your life? Aliu Jemilatu (17) We depend on water for life; without water we can’t live, our body needs it. Akaedu Nnamdi (19) Beautification (e.g., water fountains). Helps in manufacturing products. Ochu Peter (15) Water makes my environment cool, which is conducive for me to be a good poet. Finally, water helps the green plants I eat on a daily basis grow and keep my fishes and livestock alive. David George (19) It is a source of life …. Water helps us to live. DAY 2 Can waste be beautiful or useful? Godspower Emmanuel What one calls waste, somebody else may find interesting or useful. You can make a toy car out of Eva water bottles. Papa Essien Water bottles could be taken to where they are manufactured and be recycled into new ones. Victor Ayodele (17) Everything in life has a cycle span, any waste could become useful, e.g., bottles that are thrown away can be used by others as juice containers. Obuhoro Williams (20) Your excrete materials are waste to you but useful to farmers. Industrial waste can be useful to scientists. DAY 3 What’s “BornTroWay” to you? Nejo Sarah (15) It is anything a owner finds useless/not needed in his environment or anything people see or call waste - a person or society that is not financially well. Elechi Blessing (16) It is something that has been wasted and thrown away without knowing that it could be transformed and renovated into something beautiful and useful. Onyesoh Wisdom Borntroway is somebody abandoned, helpless and neglected for years and in that process he starts hawking. I am not a borntroway. Ibe Michael Izuchukwu (17) It means things that someone considered useless, like nylon, human being, plastic, iron, etc. But all these borntroway which are considered useless by the formal owner could become useful either through training (human being) or by recycling (plastic, nylon, iron, etc) DAY 4 How you go fit bring change in your community or your environment? Ibe Michael Izuchukwu (17) I can help my society by advising those who are going astray; by respecting the rules and regulations; and by educating others on the benefit of respecting the rules of the community. Chukwumah Grace Ogochukwu (16) Change of orientation; good morals and ensure others see and follow good morals too. I will also ensure that peace and unity are kept. Young Grace Edoje We can change our environment by keeping it clean, because when we keep it clean we are doing ourselves good. Adekanbi Olabisi (17) We can impact our environment, our society through cooperation, thinking and working together as a team and we can achieve this by being educated and being able to read and write. Then we will know our right from our wrong, also, accountable to people around us. DAY 5 Who will you be in 10 years? Aliu Jemilatu (17) By the grace of God I believe that in the next 5 years I would have graduated from the university. Then I would start my music career because I know I could make it as a musician and by the 6th year I would have become a superstar. In 10 years I would have become a world music star of my dream. Francisca Agbanzo (17) In 10 years time I would have finished climbing my ladder towards achieving my dreams. Is either I become a banker and a movie star or I solely become a movie star. Peter Ogeh (15) I want to be a great person, a motivator, a person who commands respect just like you guys – the instructors. Victoria Bolawa In the next 10 years I would have become a playwright and a popular novelist – writer. Tessy Augustina Ese (23) I see myself as a leader and an achiever Olabisi Akekanbi (17) I want to become a chartered accountant, with my 1st degree and my ICAN certificate, happily married with 4 children and go for acting to become a superstar in future, 10 years to come! DAY 6 “What is the most important thing that you learned in the Workshop?” David George (19) To concentrate and be focused, respectful of others and to listen carefully Tessy Augustina Ese (23) To always be creative and no matter what I should make my book my friend. Umar Mariam Asmau (17) If you don’t work hard you cannot achieve perfection Augustina Nwanevu (16) I learned that borntroway is someone that has an unused or abandoned talent. Young Grace Edoja (20) The MIND MAP Adekanbi Olabisi Ayomide (17) How to compose myself and become a teacher to other people around me. Chukwumah Ogochukwu Grace (16) Teamwork and cooperation and also being focused. Ikhumhi Emmanuel (21) I learned many things, like borntroway and I also learned how to sing Nwabia Judith (15) Concentration
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