Oshodi, Lagos (Nigeria)
QUESTIONS OF THE DAY Day 1. What does Oshodi mean to you? AdewaleAdeshina spoke the mind of many when he said ‘It’s a place where people with different talents and character are gathered’ but this people ‘lack support and guidance to excel in various fields of expertise’ according to OluwasegunAkinola. Godson Chukwuka says ‘In Oshodi we have freedom of speech. No matter what people say about my area, I’m a proud product of Oshodi, a land where dreams come true only if you’re focused and prayerful’ and for Joseph Ojeriakhi ‘Generally Oshodi is assumed to be rough and a city of hoodlums but I will gladly say it is place of united and visionary people’ ‘It’s my blood and my area’ says Ekun Adebayo. Day2 What would you like to change in Oshodi? For all of the participants, the main area that needs change is in the mindset and orientation of the people of Oshodi. ‘ I will like to change the way people in Oshodi think about themselves ’ – OlayemiKolawole. For some, improving the standard of education is key, ‘I want to make sure every child has a sound education because it is the foundation for every good thing’ and for others like Joseph Sunday it was all about youth empowerment. ‘ I will create a platform for the talented youth of Oshodi to exhibit themselves and show that they have got talent’ Day 3 What will you change in Oshodi starting from today? Responses included, ‘ I will share with my friends what I’ve learnt from this workshop’ – Samson Johnson. ‘ I will visit the local government office and talk to them about improving the health facilities in Oshodi’ – Blessing Ochai. ‘ I will put Oshodi in my prayers because without God, life itself is challenging’ Godson Chukwuka.
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