Tracking Successes… BornTroWay Port Harcourt stars at Nigerian Idol! (23 January 2012 ) Peace Sophyn MacKay - one of the participants of Port Harcourt BornTroWay Project - has shown that she’s got what it takes to be on the big stage. She almost made it through to the top 10 in the nation-wide singing competition Nigerian Idol. Click here ( )to listen to some of her extraordinary performances broadcasted on national and satellite tv. Congratulations! BornTroWay Port Harcourt AllStars stage Christmas Performance (18 December 2011) The participants of the BornTroWay Port Harcourt Team the AllStars staged a Christmas Concert free of charge at the Victory Christian Church in Elekahia, Port Harcourt in front of an audience of more than 200 people. Below is the goodwill message by the Co-Founder of BornTroway, Ilaria Chessa. Goodwill Message to the BornTroWay Port Harcourt Allstars by Ilaria Chessa (Co-Founder and Producer of BornTroWay), delivered by Ade Adeogun on 18 December 2011 on the occasion of the BornTroWay - Port Harcourt Christmas Carol/Concert Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sad not to be physically present at the Port Harcourt with you today but I am with you in spirit. The objective of the BornTroWay, a Performance Project - which was realized in Port Harcourt over a period of two weeks in September - is to inspire our youth (especially those with disadvantaged backgrounds) to believe in themselves in spite of all odds they have to face in life. And to appreciate and honour the value of hard work, focus and team work to achieve any objective in life. We wanted to tap into the ‘STARS’ we are naturally born to be, and to bring out the talent in each of us, which can serve to achieve our mission in life and be of inspiration to many others around us. In essence we wanted to plant the seed of good leadership in our youth and want to continue doing so by taking the BornTroWay Project to other cities of Nigeria, Africa and the world over. Knowing about all the hard work and determination that spontaneously and proactively this sub-group of the BornTroWay Port Harcourt Team has put into the preparation of this Concert since the completion of the workshop, it is clear to me that the objective of the program was fully achieved and even surpassed, thanks to God above all, but also thanks to the hard work and the determination of these young men and women and their mentor Tony Peterson. God gives us all tools to navigate through life, it is left to us to learn how to master their use and attain excellence. My wish for you all is that you keep building your character, skills and keep believing in yourselves and in one another; each of us is a leader in our own reality. Also, we all have the opportunity to build with our individual example and with our joint effort, a better community, society and world, applying the same effort and determination that you have displayed towards organising this Concert. God bless and guide each and every one of you, individually and collectively and let us continue ‘walking the journey’ together to build a better society and to achieve higher heights together. Ilaria Chessa, Co-Founder and Producer of BornTroWay BornTroWay Ajegunle Theme Song gets recorded! (30 October 2011) Finally we made it to the studio! Singer Odey & rapper Nnamdi recorded the BornTroWay Ajegunle theme song “I No Be Borntroway”. The track was produced by DMM aka Oluremi and recorded at Digital Magix Music Studio, Dolphin Estate, Lagos, Nigeria. Ade Bantu, Producer DMM aka Oluremi Singer Odey at the mic Rapper Nnamdi at the mic and BornTroWay Ajegunle’s participants and artists Odey and Nnamdi BornTroWay Ajegunle Kemi and Odey win at WordSlam 5 (26 September 2011) The winner of the “Open Minds and Mics session” of WordSlam 5 that took place at Freedom Park, in Lagos Island is Kemi Bakare, a participant of BornTroWay Ajegunle. Another member of the Ajegunle team, Odey scored high in the creative competition as he was the 2nd runner up. The two winners – Kemi Bakare and Odey (in the middle) from BornTroWay Ajegunle pose with Project facilitators Segun Adefila, Dagga Tolar & Ade Bantu and another artist.
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