22nd-26th August 2019 The BornTroway Academy 2019 was held from the 22nd - 26th of August in Bariga, Lagos. The 5-day workshop focused on issues around drug abuse, sex trafficking, violence, poverty, rape and other social vices. Under the guidance of professional instructor’s 40 participants aged 9 to 19 were encouraged to share personal and observed stories through dance, music and drama. The results of the workshop classes where staged as a public performance in Bariga on the 26th of August. A week later the group performed at the Eko Theater Carnival. BornTroWay Academy 2019 Team: Makinde Adeniran: Acting Coach Uche Onah: Dance Instructor Aduke: Vocal Coach, Spokenword & Rap Isioma Williams: Music Instructor Segun Adefila: Project Coordination Ade Bantu: Production Ilaria Chessa: Production
Borntroway Academy 2019
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